Welcome to my private homepage for my friends and people who want to rent my house in Spain. If you are interested in renting my house please let me know the dates and I will come back to you with a rental fee I would like to charge for this period. For more information on my house please click here house with fotos.

Who I am

I am 48 now, living in the citycenter of Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is famous for its automotive industry with car manufacturers like Mercedes and Porsche. The city of Stuttgart has about 600.000 inhabitants and a lot of small citys nearby. Should you be interested to know more about Stuttgart and the whole area please click here tourist site in english.

I like all kind of sport activities. I am going to the gym all year long. In summer there is a good chance to see me biking or running or wakeboarding. In addition I am playing tennis, football, table tennis, volleyball and a lot of other things.

I like traveling and have been in many countries like Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica, Dom. Rep., Venecuela, Paraguay, Kenia, Thailand, Russia and many more.              

Curious to know more about me? Just send me an email to privat@walter-ruedinger.de

You can also check my photo collection at  my fotoalbum.